White Sugar and Health

White sugar is bad for several reasons: In the first place, they have to use POISONOUS CHEMICALS to bleach it, which you eat with every mouthful of sugar. Next, they have BLEACHED out all of the vitamins and natural nutrients that are in natural raw sugar. So what little natural good there was in there is gone, just to make it look white!

NATURAL sugar is alright and it’s good for you, like honey and things like that. You can see the big CRYSTALS, and it’s delicious. It tastes better than white sugar. You can see the natural sugar the way God made it.

The sweet of the sugar is one of the quickest ways to rot teeth and cause decay, unless you keep your teeth very clean. Sweets cause quicker cavities than anything else you can eat. Of course, if you don’t immediately rinse your mouth and watch your sweets then you have a greater danger of cavities.

On top of that, white sugar is almost pure CARBON, which has an affinity for calcium in your blood. The minute it gets into your blood the calcium and the carbon begin to unite and therefore it robs your blood of calcium.

So white sugar is not only poisonous, not good for you and rots your teeth, but it then robs your blood of the calcium to repair them! So it wouldn’t matter to a pregnant girl how many calcium pills she took and whatnot if she keeps on eating sweets and candy, because the sugar keeps right on robbing your blood of the calcium as fast as you can eat it!

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