Where do Warts come from ?

Many people have superstitions about warts. They believe that if you handle toads, you get warts. Or that certain animals can pass them on to you.

None of this is true. You can’t get warts by handling toads, and while dogs and cattle do have warts, there is no animal that passes warts on to human beings.

Warts are caused by a virus, which is a very small germ. This virus may be picked up by contact with others who have the virus.

A wart is usually a small raised area of the skin which is quite rough or pitted on the surface. It is flesh-colored or slightly darker than the normal skin. Since the wart is caused by a virus, it can be spread by scratching it and spreading the virus on the skin. That’s why there are sometimes many warts on the skin.

Most warts disappear after a year or two. But there is really no guarantee that they won’t spread or continue on and on. That’s why it’s a good idea to see a doctor about the warts.

In treating the patient for warts, the doctor usually uses some form of local medication, or he may inject special preparations into each wart. When there is constant pressure on a wart, such as those on the palms or soles, the problem becomes a bit more serious. The wart may become quite hardened and have to be removed.

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