What’s the difference between white and light tuna?

I am not a big fan of tuna, but my hubby likes it. I always bought whatever was on sale, which was usually chunk light. I learned early on he preferred the tuna packed in water. I’d tasted it myself and agreed, I thought tuna packed in water was lighter than tuna packed in oil, less fishy and less odorous. About two years ago the grocery store was out of the chunk light but had the solid white on sale. Needing to feed the hubby something for lunch, I bought the solid white. He really enjoyed it and that’s what I’ve bought ever since. I did wonder though, what were the differences between the different cans of tuna on the shelves in the store. Recently I did some reading online to learn the answer to that question, and here’s what I found out.

Solid tuna is a portion of one fish cut to fit into the can. Chunk tuna has a mixture of cut pieces of varying sizes.

White tuna is albacore tuna. It’s a much milder taste than light tuna and often the meat looks lighter. White tuna is more expensive than light tuna. It is widely reported that albacore tuna has higher levels of mercury, partially due to their age and size.

Light tuna usually comes from skipjack tuna, also a lesser possibility yellowfin. Skipjack is the smallest of the tuna species.

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