What’s a Dymo Labelwriter used for?

Do you use a lot of labels at home, for either business or personal reasons? We use labels for every file we have at work, and for every document inside each file. We use a lot of labels. When I was hired I was surprised to find that with the quantity of labels being used we printed them in house. We use a Labelwriter, connected to a computer of it’s own. Now not everyone needs the heavy duty office strength label writer like my job does. I know a couple of people with small businesses out of their homes that keep files and have been using those labels you buy and peel off one at a time and print on. If you’re one of these people you should consider label printing. When you add up the cost of all of those sheets of labels, you could have gotten yourself a label printer and saved yourself a lot of work. When I was in computer mail order sales we sold a lot of Labelwriters, because they worked great and customers loved them.

We got a small electronic model for around the house a while ago and it’s terrific for labeling Tupperware containers and stuff we’re storing in boxes and containers. The office models have even more features, some even print online stamps. You can do more than print a label or stamp with these. You can also make id badges, tapes and bar codes. There are models that can even print two types of labels at once, which I thought was really neat. Imagine printing the shipping label and the postage label all at once. No more trips to the post office! Go check out the Dymo site and check out these printers. If you need or will be needing any type of labeling solution now or in the near future you must consider these.

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