What is Little Christmas?

Recently at work we were discussing our holidays and the conversation turned to Christmas trees. Typically we put our tree up around the middle of December, and take it down around New Years. I mentioned that my Mom leaves hers up longer, she doesn’t take hers down until Little Christmas. One of the other girls asked what Little Christmas was. I remembered it had something to do with the Epiphany, but not much else. And here we are.

Little Christmas falls on January 6 and is the Epiphany. It is the last day of the twelfth day of Christmas, which people often mistakenly think start in mid December. The Epiphany is a celebration commemorating the arrival of the Magi and the baptism of Jesus.

That is the most basic answer I can condense my reading into. There is much more to the meaning of the day, and the meaning is a little different for each religion. It is a subject that definitely cannot be thoroughly answered here in this format.

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