What are the romance Languages ?

There is a group of languages that is descended from the form of Latin spoken by the ordinary people of ancient Rome. They are known as the Romance languages, and they are: French, Provencal (including Catalan), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and the Rhaeto-Romantic dialects, These languages developed in the region of the Roman Empire in Europe. When the Roman soldiers, traders, and colonists came to these areas, they made the natives use their language. In ancient Rome there was classical Latin, the speech of literature, oratory, and formal conversation. But at the same time there was the everyday speech of the common people, the vulgar Latin. This grew in Rome and then was carried to the provinces by those who went to settle there. But there were local differences, and new nations began to grow, so this form of Latin then developed into separate languages. As time went on, the various Romance languages began to change even more in pronunciation. Words from outside sources were used and changed to fit the language. For example, French picked up about four hundred Teutonic words. During the Crusades, French took over some Greek and Arabic words. Spanish has many words that were taken from the Arabic. At the same time the Romance languages were developing dialects. People in one part of the country began to talk a language slightly different from that in other parts. In Paris, for example, they still speak a slightly different French than in other parts of France.

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