Uzbek Weddings

Uzbek Wedding traditions

Uzbek parents usually save money almost all their life. To “give” daughter to another family, parents gather a lot of things like “40 kurpas, 30 tushaks (special things to sit on and sleep), and 25 pillows “. Kurpa and tushak are special covers, dresses for new brides, for parents of groom, for close relatives’ shelves, bed, curtain and other many things. New bride can live with these things. To hold usual wedding is very expensive. That’s why we have such tale, “if parents have 3 daughters paradise doors are open to them”. During the whole life, parents save their money for doing beautiful dowries for their daughter. That’s why usually Uzbek people don’t travel around the world.

Uzbekistan Wedding traditions
By a tradition, first, groom’s parents go to the bride’s home to ask if her parents agree to connect their children’s’ life. Before going to bride’s home, they ask from everyone: neighbours, teacher and from other bride’s friends to find the answer for the question “what kind of girl is she?” The groom’s side usually asks many questions. Who were seven ancestors of this girl? Does she cook well? Is she going to be a good housewife or a good wife for their son? Usually Uzbek boys usually agree with their parents choice. Then parents or boy’s grandparents go to the girl’s home to ask for the girl’s hand. When they go for the first time to the bride’s home, boy’s side bring 10 “non “s, sweets and white dress for new bride with themselves in a white tablecloth. There are symbols for each of these things. For example candies “New couple’s life will be sweet as candy”, white tablecloth means future bride’s sole to be as white as that tablecloth. If the bride’s side agrees, they share non (bread), and they many handkerchiefs for groom. “Ok kiydi” means “white dressing” and it symbolizes that new couples are engaged. After “ok kiydi” groom’s side should bring 80 kg of refined cotton and 60 kg of flour and some other candies. What do you think? Bride’s side gives more things than groom’s side. They buy all dresses for groom. Usually in Zags new couples of friends go to eat ice- cream and put flowers to Al-Fargoniy.

After this, they go to the registration office (in Uzbek it is ZAGS). In registration office they sign some documents and they will be married legally. After this ceremony new couples go to the boy’s home. When they will be coming to the groom’s house, candies are spread over their head. It means new couple’s new steps will bring happiness to this home. After this they go back to the bride’s home for religious agreement which will be hold by DOMLA. In this ceremony the groom’s uncle should pay some money for BRIDE’S aunt. If the money is not so enough, girl’s side usually can make “discounts” with the boy’s relatives. During entreat domla asks 3 times, if the girl agrees to connect her life with the groom.

After this ceremony they go to the brides’ home to have our big wedding party. There will be Uzbek singers who sing really fast songs. Everyone dances and congratulates new brides. In the wedding bride usually wears a white dress. In Uzbek it is “kelin kuylak”. The girl often cries a lot when she says “bye” to everyone. Usually new “kelin” goes from her parent’s home forever. By the way to the boy home kelin’s relatives sing a song. Usually kelin’s relatives go to the boy’s home by bus. On the bus they sing our traditional song. This is “yiglama yor-yor to’y saniki yor yor”. It means “don’t cry, this is your day, why are you crying, on this day you should be happy”. When the bus comes to the boy’s house, boy’s mum gives sweet water. Then the boy bride carries her down the bus. If the boy side doesn’t give a knife to the girl’s brother, the bride will not get off the bus. Near the boy’s home, there will be often a fire and new brides should walk around the fire three times. It means that new brides’ life will be as warm as fire.

After this the wedding starts. First, bride should pray for everyone and to the boy’s relatives, neighbors. For this moment we’ve a special song. For each guest special song. After this songs end, the wedding party will begin, fiancée’s and bride’s friends congratulate them. After five or 6 hours long party wedding ends. On the second day there is another part of the wedding called “Yuz ochdi”. It means “face opening”. Only women participate in this ceremony. The bride wears a handkerchief covering her face with it. Fiancée’s nephew opens her face later. The Fiancée’s side gives gifts to the bride. After 10 days another ceremony, called “Ota ko’rdi” takes place. The bride’s father brings gifts to her daughter. The bride can’t go to her own house unless her parents call her with another special ceremony.

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  1. ITs wonderful ,i like so much uzbekistan ,same like indian traditional,but there is another side pain so much,every human bin need normal freedom,becoz fo this stricness some man /woman are love another country lady/boy, but they can not marry,they kill them heart this is not good,but then also i love uzbek all world ,world is beautiful,open your eyes,mind,heart.

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