The Flowers Of Namaqualand

Namaqualand is a region in western South Africa, part of the Northern Cape province.

Namaqualand contains three distinct terrains: a sandy coastal plain along the Atlantic, a central mountainous area with peaks up to 1700 m and a high plateau in the east. It is an arid region, with 50 to 300 mm of annual precipitation. Average temperatures along the coast remain in the 12° to 18° range throughout the year, while inland locations have warmer summers and more variable weather. The cold Benguela Current, an ocean current that sweeps northward along the southwestern coast of Africa, is responsible for the low precipitation, frequent fog, and lower temperatures along the coast.

Because of low precipitation and soil infertility, Namaqualand has sparse, stunted semidesert and desert vegetation. Nevertheless, the region is known for the profusion of wildflowers that bloom briefly after the spring rains. It is a huge tourist attraction in South Africa, as people come to Namaqualand to see the wild, colourful and extremely beautiful mixes of flowers, which are an extraordinary sight.

Namaqualand is a true gift from Mother Nature!

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