Sugar Glider Facts

Sugar Gliders are small, their body length around 6 inches and tail about the same. Front and back legs are linked by a membrane which enables them to glide freely from tree to tree, up to 100 metres. Sugar Gliders are native to Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea.

They nest in hollows in trees, and share their nest with seven or more other gliders. Like the pygmy possum, gliders also are capable of going into torpor to survive cold weather.

Found in areas where there are a good supply of acacias & eucalypts, the gliders feed on the sap and gum produced by the trees. They also eat insects that live on the trees, such as cicadas etc.

Sugar Glider Facts

Breeding takes place in the warmer months when food is plentiful. The mother rears one or two youngsters in her pouch until around 2 months, after which, they remain in the nest, lined with leaves, in a hollow tree trunk for a further 2 months or so, until large enough to learn to forage for food, alongside their parents. Sugar Glider mature at around 4-12 months of age and become ready for reproduction. Life Span of Sugar Gliders is 4 to 5 years

Sugar Gliders make great pets and are able to easily settle with they owners. They can be legally owned as pet in most of the states of USA

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