Steaua- (The Star)

Another interesting custom is the Star (Steaua). This is a large star made of coloured glossy paper, lighted inside like a lantern, which school children, in groups of three carry in the evening of Christmas from house to house, singing: The Star is rising high / Like a hidden mistery/ The Star shines brightly/ And to the world announces/ That today the pure/ The Immaculate Virgin Mary/ Gives birth to Messiah/ In that famous city/ Known by the name of Bethlehem.

Here is the text in Romanian: Steaua sus rasare/ Ca o taina mare/ Steaua straluceste/ Si lumii vesteste/ Ca azi preacurata, cea nevinovata, Fecioara Maria/ Naste pe Mesia/ In tara vestita/ Bethlehem numita.

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