Sorcova – Romania

Another custom practiced by children individually on New Year’s Day is the “sorcova”. This is a small branch or stick adorned with differently coloured artificial flowers, called sorcova with which they touch rhythmically and lightly their elders, while congratulating them on the occasion and wishing them a long life and a Happy New Year: Sorcova, the merry sorcova/Long may you live/Long may you flourish/ Like apple trees/ Like pear trees/ In midsummer/ Like the rich autumn/ Overflowing with abundance/ Hard as steel/ Fast as an arrow/ For many years to come/ Happy New Year!

Here is the text in Romanian: Sorcova, vesela/ Sa traiti/ Sa-mbatraniti/ Ca un mar/ Ca un par/ Ca un fir de trandafir/ Tare ca piatra/ Iute ca sageata/ Tare ca fieru’/ Iute ca otelu’/ La anu’ si la multi ani!

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