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The Magic of Food : Legends, Lore, & Spellwork

Put the Magic Back in Eating
Change any area, of your life when you select food for its magical energy and eat it with a specific goal in mind. This is Food Magic, and it’s served up here in spoonfuls of lore and fact that make trying it as much fun as eating.

Eat for Better Sex, Psychic Power and Weight Loss
Eating in bed can launch your sex life into cosmic realms! There’s a reason caviar has a reputation as a love food, but a little vanilla or peppermint can work wonders too! You’ll see mushrooms in a clearer light after experiencing their intuitive-raising effects, and a munch of celery will resonate with new meaning as it boosts both sexual desire and psychic awareness—not to mention weight loss. You will never look at food the same way again!

You Don’t Need a Chef for Food Magic
Virtually any item in your pantry can be used to produce positive change. From artichokes to kidney beans to grape jelly, food contains specific energies you can harness for positive results. The Magic of Food lists alphabetically the foods you eat, their natural energies and how to use them to your advantage. Twenty-seven new and delicious recipes from Scott Cunningham’s favorite family recipes are added to this revised edition.

Ancient Ways for Modern Days
Food used to be a sacred part of life—consumed for mind, body and soul. Bring the ancient custom of Food Magic to your table tonight for life altering change that is nothing less than magical!
Spell Crafts : Creating Magical Objects

Handcraft Your Own Powerful Tools for Self-Transformation

Since early times, crafts have been intimately linked with spirituality. When a woman carefully shaped a water jar from the clay she’d gathered from a river bank, she was performing a spiritual practice. When crafts were used to create objects intended for ritual or that symbolized the Divine, the connection between the craftsperson and divinity grew more intense. Today handcrafts can still be more than a pastime—they can be rites of power and honor; a religious ritual. After all, hands were our first magical tools.

  • Experience spell crafting as a spiritually evolving process that creates both physical and non-physical change
  • Imbue your crafts with specific energies: love, wealth, protection, enhanced spirituality, inner peace, psychic awareness
  • Learn the 9 steps to empower any type of craft
  • Use the table of magical correspondences for inventing your own spell crafts
  • Create and use all of the following: magical simmering potpourris … a beaded psychic mandala psychic awareness … clay pentacles, plaques and runic dice … a shaman’s arrow (“prayer messenger”) … sand paintings … corn mother … tapers of power (candles) … a magical spell broom … protective hex sign … spell banners … Witch Bottles … flower garlands … wood or ceramic prosperity trivet … spell potpourris … magic mirror … spell boxes … wheat weaving

Spell Crafts is a modern guide to creating physical objects for the attainment of specific magical goals. Whatever your craft, you will experience the natural process of moving energy from within yourself (or within natural objects) to create positive change!

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