Sandra Bullock Quiz

So, you think you’re a Sandra Bullock fan, don’t you? Well, let’s find out for sure. Take this quiz, write down your answers, and go check your score. We’ll find out if you’re as big of a fan as you claim to be. Have fun and post answers to Sandra Bullock Quiz in Section below

1. How old was Sandra when she fell in a creek and scarred her right eye?

2. What is her sign?

3. Who starred opposite Sandra in "Making Sandwiches"?

4. How many MTV Movie awards has Sandra won?

5. What actor did Sandra date for four years, a relationship which ended in 1994?

6. What is her sister studying in college?

7. What was her father's occupation?

8. Who is in charge of Sandra's production company?

9. What is the name of that company?

10. What job did Sandra lie to get?

11. Who co-starred with Sandra in "Love Potion #9"?

12. And in "The Vanishing"?

13.  How much was Sandra paid to star in "A Time To Kill?

14. What color did Sandra dye her hair for a while in 1995?

15. Finally, what peice of furniture does Sandra compare herself with?

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