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The Riftwar Saga

Magician: Apprentice

To the forest on the shore of the Kingdom of the Isles, the orphan called Pug came to study with the Master Magician Kulgan. But though his courage won him a place at Court and the heart of a lovely Princess, he was ill at ease with the normal ways of wizardry.

Yet Pug’s strange sort of magic would one day change forever the fates of two worlds. For dark beings from another world had opened a rift in the fabric of space-time to begin again the age-old battle between the forces of Order and Chaos.

Magician: Master

Once he was an orphan called Pug, apprenticed to a sorcerer of the enchanted land of Midkemia. Then he was captured and enslaved by the Tsurani, a strange warlike race of invaders from another world.

There, in the exotic Empire of Kelewan, he earned a new name—Milamber. He learned to tame the unimagined powers that lay within him. And he took his place in an ancient struggle against an evil Enemy older than Time itself.


A poisoned bolt has struck down the Princess Anita on the day of her wedding to Prince Arutha of Krondor.

To save his beloved, Arutha sets out in search of the mystic herb called Silverthorn that only grows in the dark and forbidding land of the Spellweavers.

Accompanied by a mercenary, a minstrel, and a clever young thief, he will confront an ancient evil and do battle with the dark powers that threaten the enchanted realm of Midkemia.

A Darkness at Sethanon

An evil wind blows through Midkemia. Dark legions have risen up to crush the Kingdom of the Isles and enslave it to dire magics. The final battle between Order and Chaos is about to begin in the ruins of the city called Sethanon.

Now Pug, the master magician sometimes known as Milamber, must undertake an awesome and perilous quest to the dawn of time to grapple with an ancient and terrible Enemy for the fate of a thousand worlds.

Prince of the Blood

For twenty years, since the end of the Riftwar, the kingdom of Midkemia has enjoyed peace and tranquility. But now that peace is suddenly in jeopardy. Prince Arutha, the heir apparent, has renounced his claim to the throne, and his twin sons, Borric and Erland, are ill prepared for the succession. To train the princes in the responsibilities they must soon assume. Arutha sends them on a diplomatic mission to Kesh, little knowing that rebellion seethes in the Eastern provinces. But when an assassination attempt is made on the twins’ lives, the two are hurtled into a deadly adventure that will take them into the darkest regions of Kesh, where grave danger and dark magics lie in wait for them at every turn.

The King’s Buccaneer

Long recovered from the ravages of the Riftwar, the land and people of the Kingdom of the Isles thrive. Nicholas, youngest son of Prince Arutha, is intelligent and gifted but vastly inexperienced. In hopes of hardening him, his father sends him an dhis irreverent squire, Harry, to live at rustic Castle Crydee to learn of life beyond the halls of privilege. But within weeks of Nicholas and Harry’s arrival, Crydee is viciously attacked by unknown assailants, resulting in murder, massive destruction, and the abduction of two young noblewomen. The raiders have come from a pirate haven and are no ordinary foe . . . but an enemy connected to dark magical forces that threaten the lands Nicholas will someday rule—if he survives.

with Janny Wurts

Daughter of the Empire

Magic and murder engulf the realm of Kelewan. Fierce warlords ignite a bitter blood feud to enslave the empire of Tsuranuanni. While in the opulent Imperial courts, assassins and spymasters plot cunning and devious intrigues against the rightful heir.

Now Mara, a young, untested Ruling Lady, is called upon to lead her people in a heroic struggle for survival. But first she must rally an army of rebel warriors, form a pact with the alien cho-ja, and marry the son of a hated enemy. Only then can Mara face her most dangerous foe of all—in his own impregnable stronghold.

Servant of the Empire

As the Riftwar draws to its tumultuous end, Mara is set upon at every turn by dark magic, political murder, and devastating heartbreak. What her blood enemy, the vengeful Lord Desio of the Minwanabi, isn’t counting on is Mara’s relationship with a rakish Midkemian slave—whose secret identity becomes his mistress’s secret weapon—and Mara’s own genius for strategy. Magical protals to the rimworld are sundered as battle is finally joined between House Acoma and House Minwanabi. Mara can rely only on her own instincts, and the plan she devises could either bring her ultimate victory—or forever tear the Empire apart.

Mistress of the Empire

Besieged by spies and rival houses, stalked by a secret and merciless brotherhood of assassins, the brilliant Lady Mara of the Acoma faces the most deadly challenge she has ever known. The fearsome Black Robes see Mara as the ultimate threat to their ancient power. In search of allies who will join her against them, Mara must travel beyond civilization’s borders and even into the hives of the alien cho-ja. As those near and dear to her fall victim to her many enemies, Mara cries out for vengeance. Drawing on all of her courage and guile, she prepares to fight her greatest battle of all—for her life, her home, and the Empire itself.

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