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Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

With the discovery that neo-Witchcraft—or Wicca—is not devil-worship, thousands of religious seekers around the world have finally come to realize that this earth religion may well be the answer to their needs. Yet it has been almost impossible to gather together all the ingredients that go to make up this religious practice; particularly in addressing specific personal needs.

Now along comes Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft; one volume that brings it all together. In it Ray Buckland teaches the history, practice, composition, formulae, the mechanics of magick, herbology, divination . . . in short, each and every aspect of the practice of Wicca. And he doesn’t just present one tradition. He takes a nonsectarian approach, and he also shows how you can structure the religion to suit your particular needs. He instructs on the composition of rituals, the establishing of a coven (group), the putting together of a system to suit you personally. He also addresses Solitaries—those who would rather work alone—and encourages and instructs them in the practice of the Old Religion.

This is a workbook. It is presented in the form of lessons, each culminating in participatory exercises that are fun and informative; ideal for self-study or for a group. It is the perfect book for the serious student, the newly-forming coven, the Solitary Witch or simply the curious. Such a book is long overdue.

Scottish Witchcraft:
The History and Magick of the Picts


From the ancient misty Highlands of Scotland to modern-day America come the secrets of solitary Witchcraft practice. Scottish Witchcraft explores “PectiWita,” or the craft of the Picts, the mysterious early Keltic people. The Scottish PectiWita tradition differs in many ways from the Wicca of England: there is little emphasis on the worship of the gods (though it is there), but more on the living and blending of magick into everyday life.

Many people attracted to modern-day Wicca are unable to contact or join a coven. PectiWita is a path for the solitary Witch; and here, for the first time, are full details of this solitary branch of the Old Ways. Learn the history of the Picts, their origins and beliefs. Learn how to make simple tools and use them to work magic. Explore their celebrations, talismans, song and dance, herbal lore, runes and glyphs, and recipes. Join Ray Buckland as he breaks new ground in modern-day Witchcraft and gives you simple step-by-step instructions to bring you in touch, and then into complete harmony, with all of nature

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