Quokka Facts

These little marsupials are in plentiful numbers on Rottnest Island off the Western Australia coast, but on the mainland they are not common but thankfully their numbers are recovering. Unlike a lot of their larger marsupial cousins who are solitary, this group of little fellows are quite social in their habits. They can be seen drinking in large numbers over 100 at a time at waterholes, at night. They sleep in small groups in long grass and dense bushland during the daylight hours.

After a short gestation period of 4 weeks, the mother gives birth to a single joey. The joey lives in the pouch until around 9 months. After leaving the pouch,it continues to feed from it’s mother for another 2 to 3 months.
Quokkas eat native grasses and shrubs. They grow to about the size of a large rat and have been mistaken for rats, many times.

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