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The Last Unicorn

The unicorn had lived since before memory in a forest where death could touch nothing. Maidens who caught a glimpse of her glory were blessed by enchantment they would never forget. But outside her wondrous realm, dark whispers and rumors carried a message she could not ignore: “Unicorns are gone from the world.”

Aided by a bumbling magician and an indomitable spinster, she set out to learn the truth. But she feared even her immortal wisdom meant nothing in a world where a mad king’s curse and terror incarnate lived only to stalk the last unicorn to her doom…

“I grew up watching this movie, and then finally got around to reading the book as an adult. To say that the movie is close to the book it is based on, is an understatement! When reading the book I could hear the characters voices in my head! Much of the dialogue is identical! I suppose this has to do largely with the fact that Peter S. Beagle wrote the screenplay (though that doesn’t guarantee anything. Anne Rice was listed as having written the screenplay for “Interview with the Vampire”).”

“If you love the movie, please read the book! It does have more background. If you love the book, please give the movie a try! I doubt you’ll be disappointed!” –Mire >^..^

“My mother searched and searched for this soundtrack back when we first got the movie. Soundtracks have always been harder to find than other albums, but we couldn’t find anything about it. We finally decided that they must not have released one for it.

When we first got internet access (years ago) it was one of the first things I tried to find. Of course, I finally found that the soundtrack was only available from Germany, which, apparently, was the only place it had been released. Thank goodness started carrying imports!”

“After waiting so long to own this soundtrack, I was only disappointed by one thing: The singer on “Now That I’m A Woman” is NOT Mia Farrow! Many reviewers were happy about this, not caring for her voice in the first place. My feeling on it is this: If her voice was good enough for the film, it should have been good enough for the soundtrack. If they didn’t like her voice they shouldn’t have used it in the film.”

“So other than that one issue, I love it!” –Mire >^..^<


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