Galiceno Horse

Horse Galiceno History: What is Known; What is Believed to have Occurred In 1519, when Cortez landed in North America with the Conquistadors, they brought with them, several small framed horses to work the mines of Mexico and to carry wounded and dead from the fields of battle. This reference to

Bandicoot Facts

The bandicoot is a very common in the Australian towns. Often of a morning, townsfolk find evidence of their nocturnal visitor, in the way of small holes having been dug in thier lawns. The bandicoot lives on small insects and the tender roots of grasses hence they dig for their supper in lawns,

Meerkat Facts

Meerkat Suricata suricatta Order: Carnivora Family: Herpestidae Range: Deserts and plains of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia; Kalahari Desert Status: Common; neither threatened nor endangered Meerkats are intelligent, adaptive, highly social relatives of the African mongoose. They live in

Edain McCoyn Books

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