Laundry Tips

# If today is your washday, lets make that chore fun! This is not an approved method written by any authority. This is my own method, some have tried and found it the lazy woman’s way to beautiful laundry. Gather all the white clothes that you wash in hot water. Put soap and bleach in

Light Acne Treatment

If you are searching for an effective light acne treatment, it is smart to educate yourself first about the causes of acne and different treatments available. You can be plagued by light acne whether you are 14 or 40. Fortunately, there are several products available that can be used to

Weasel facts | Pictures

Long and Short-tailed Weasels, Mustela frenata and Mustela erminea Common Names: Short-tailed: Stoat, or Ermine Order: Carnivora Family: Mustelidae Species: Mustela frenata and Mustela erminea General Description: Members of the Mustelidae family are distinguished by elongated bodies, and

Tombstones History

The first tombstones were used by Bushmen and other primitive tribes in Africa. They believed that there were evil spirits living in the bodies of dead people By placing heavy stones on the graves they hoped to prevent these spirits from rising. But the marking of graves in some way goes back to

Angela Lansbury Movies List

Year Film Role 1960 A Breath of Scandal Countess Lina 1955 A Lawless Street Tally Dickinsen 1954 A Life at Stake Doris Hillman 1962 All Fall Down Annabell Willart 1997 Anastasia Dowager Empress Marie 1991 Beauty and the Beast Mrs. Potts 1997 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted

What is cholesterol?

Recently I had some bloodwork done, and one of the many things they checked was my cholesterol. A coworker thought my result was too low so I did a little checking. After all, I do not have the initials MD after my name. Turns out I’m just fine, as are my levels. So, what is cholesterol?

Raymond Buckland Books

Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft With the discovery that neo-Witchcraft—or Wicca—is not devil-worship, thousands of religious seekers around the world have finally come to realize that this earth religion may well be the answer to their needs. Yet it has been almost impossible