Outie belly button Cause & Facts

Outie Bellybutton Information, Resources and Facts

The bellybutton is formed when the umbilical cord is cut and the residue dies and falls off, leaving a little scar that we call the bellybutton. It depends on how the scar heals as to what kind of bellybutton you will get. A myth suggests that it’s how close of how far away from the belly that the cord is cut that determines innie of outie status. From conducting research on this, there are no documented facts to suggest this is true. Apparently whether you turn out as an innie or an outie is determined in the womb before birth.

Some people have suggested that bellybutton type is hereditary, however, there is no conclusive proof or evidence to suggest that this is true. I have made my own observations over the years and even now, I am still as confused as I was before about who is more likely to have an outie against those who are less likely. My own ‘studies’ indicate that black people are more likely to have an outie bellybutton that an innie. This is not entirely true, just an observation I have made and the probability of seeing a black person with an outie is just more likely than a white person.

Throughout my years of searching for bellybuttons, I have also noticed that twins show an unlikely trait. Again, this is not true of every set of twins, but experience has shown elements of truth that one twin is more likely to have an outie bellybutton that the other. Example, ‘The Cheeky Girls’. One has a shallow innie, bordering on slight outie and the other (sorry, I forget their names although I know one is Gabriella) has a swirly outie.

You’ll most likely find an outie on the belly of a thinner person rather than a chubbier person. This doesn’t mean that either don’t have opposing bellybuttons, but it’s just more likely to see an outie an a thinner person. There is no rule for this, and as frustrating as it can be to think you are able to look at someone and be able to ‘tell’ what kind of bellybutton they have. I’ve tried to do this while searching for pictures for this site and there is no way to tell whatsoever. I wish there was, it would make life so much easier!

No matter what your parents told you when you were young, your bellybutton cannot come undone and leave you a muscle clad skeleton with no skin. Also, if you play with it, you will not come untied and fly around the room like an untied balloon. You cannot unscrew your bellybutton, therefore your butt and/or legs will not drop off! Yes, some people do believe that. Also, if you press your bellybutton, a baby will not ‘pop out’. A bellybutton has nothing to do with where a baby comes from and you don’t get pregnant through use or touching your bellybutton.

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