Ostrich meat nutrition & Facts

Lower in Fat * Lower in Cholesterol
the heart healthy red meat that you can use in your favorite recipes. High cholesterol? On a Diet? Into Health Food? Try some soon!

Nutrient Comparison – per 100 grams of cooked lean meat

Species Description Protein% Fat




SodiumMg CalciumMg Iron




Ostrich cut comp. 26.9 2.8 140 75 6 3.2 83
Beef Retail
29.9 9.3 211 66 8 3.0 86
Veal Retail
31.9 6.6 196 89 24 1.2 118
Pork Retail
29.3 9.7 212 59 21 1.1 86
Chicken whole, no skin 28.9 7.4 190 86 15 1.2 89
Turkey whole, no skin 29.3 5.0 170 70 25 1.8 76

Source: The Nutrient figures shown for Ostrich Cut Composite are determined from a weighted average of the 10 major ostrich muscles. These cooked values are taken from the Ostrich Meat Industry Development Final Report (1993) and Ostrich Meat Industry Development: Phase II Final Report (1996), Texas A&M University System, 348 Kelberg Center, College Station, Texas, 77843-2471. Cooking was done using dry heat cooker methods.

Once considered “a specialty” item, ostrich has become  popular not only with gourmet chefs but with all health conscious Americans.  Now dieters can eat at restaurants and still enjoy their favorite “red meat” meals. From mouth watering steaks to big juicy burgers, our lean red meat has found it’s way onto menus all across the country.  At home,  substitute “the lean red meat” in any recipe, making your favorite meals heart healthy.

The delicate flavor and texture is similar to beef.  Chefs prefer ostrich for the way it easily accepts their personal choice of seasoning, allowing them to demonstrate their culinary skills.

Ostrich is offered in a variety of products including prime fillets, medallion steaks, sandwich steak and stir fry or fajita.  On a low fat diet?  With ostrich, which is 40% lower in fat than beef, you can still have your favorite meals.  Our pre-cooked roast makes healthy, mouth watering French Dip sandwich.

Use sandwich steaks and low-fat cheese for Philly sandwiches or Patty Melts.  Ground ostrich can be enjoyed in any of your favorite recipes calling for ground beef; chili, taco’s, meatloaf, meatballs or everyone’s favorite, a nice big burger

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