Ostrich egg facts

Ostrich chicks open their shells with a combination of pushing with their legs and head.

It may take several hours to days for the ostrich chick to fully emerge from the egg

Ostrich egg weights around 1.3 kilograms (3.1 lb) i.e. around 20 times the weigh of chicken egg

Weight of ostrich chick is 900 grams on emergence from egg

Ostrich eggs have a long incubation time of 39 to 59 days, for chickens it is 21 days

An ostrich egg is the comparable to 18 chicken eggs.

ostrich egg laying season lasts from March to August and Female lays one egg every two day i.e. around 40 – 100 eggs per year

An ostrich egg is oval in shape and 6 inches long with white color

The ostrich egg contains about 2000 calories

ostrich egg is lower in cholesterol and saturated fat as compared to chicken eggs

soft boiling a fresh egg would take one hour and hard boiling ostrich egg would take 1.5 hours.

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