Numbat Facts

Numbat’s are a marsupial with a difference, they have no pouch and are not nocturnal. They prefer to be active in the daylight hours and sleep in hollow logs at night. They are very small, and fairly slow.

They live on termites (white ants). They are restricted to a small part of Western Australia in the south west area, prefering Wandoo Eucalypts and Jarrah forested areas. Because they are slow moving, this is probably the reason for their decline in numbers, as feral cats, snakes and birds of prey, have taken their toll on numbers. They have a very long pointed nose, and an extra long sticky tongue for extracting termites from their nests. Numbats eat around 10,000 termites per day.

When first born they are hairless and blind and the young cling to their mothers belly fur. Remaining there until too large to safely cling on. After which they remain in the nest, the mother returning once per day to feed them. Once the young are old enough (around 6

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