Nahoon River & Nahoon Reef

The Nahoon River has always been a lovely place for water sports and swimming. There are stories about treasure being hidden on one of the islands. Very few people believe this myth though, but you never know if you weren’t there at the time.

Nahoon Reef is another famous South Africa surf spot. It is situated in Nahoon suburb of East London. The wave breaks on a point and can be very gnarly. The waves do get quite big, but the sheer power and speed is what separates the groms from the surfers. The paddle out is fairy tough, as you paddle out from the beach and go around the waves to the break. It is quite shallow here, and you are surfing on a reef. Stay away if you aren’t prepared to surf this reef wave. Ask any South African surfer about Nahoon Reef and his eyes will light up as he describes it as an awesome right-hander and one of the most consistent spots on the coast. Nahoon Reef was once the scene of the Gunston 500 Competition (now the Mr. Price Pro).

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