Mulan Movie Characters

Fa Mulan

High-spirited, independent, and creative, Mulan tries to please her parents but feels she’s let them down. When her father is drafted into the army, Mulan decides to fight in his place by disguising herself as a boy.

A USA Today article lists her age as 17 years old. She’s a short girl, even compared to other characters in the film. Mulan is not built like Pocahontas or Esmeralda, because (as one person put it) “you can’t pass as a man in the army with a Barbie-style figure.”

Mushu and Cri-Kee

Mushu was once a guardian of the Fa family, but has been demoted due to a disastrous mistake he made. Now his main duty as an incense burner is to ring the gong to awaken the ancestors. Mushu is determined to regain his place as a true guardian. He is small and wiry, a “squirrelly” dragon.

Cri-Kee is Mulan’s lucky pet cricket, though at first he manages to land her in a bit of trouble.


Mulan’s horse is a handsome black stallion who is strong, loyal, and brave.

Fa Li and Fa Zhou

Mulan’s parents (she has two!) love their only child very much and are concerned about her future. Fa Li wants Mulan to continue the traditional ways that she follows. Fa Zhou was once a great warrior, but now he relies on a cane to help him walk.

Grandmother Fa

Fa Zhou’s mother is spunky, independent and Mulan’s kindred spirit.

Little Brother

Mulan’s adorable puppy doesn’t get much screen time, but he makes an impression. Mulan calls him “the smartest doggie in the world.” You can decide for yourself how true that is.

First Ancestor

The First Ancestor (as well as the other ancestors) are concerned about the Fa family’s honor when Mulan leaves home. They order Mushu to help bring her home, but things don’t go quite as planned…

Captain Li Shang

Shang is the son of an army general. His responsibility is to train the inexperienced troops for battle–a group that includes Mulan and the “Gang of Three.” As you can see, he’s built like one of those famous Chinese terra cotta soldiers.

Yao, Chien-Po, and Ling

Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po make up the comic “Gang of Three.” Yao is short in stature and short in temper (with a black eye to show for it). Skinny and mischievious, Ling considers himself a ladies’ man. Chien-Po is “the gentle giant,” who keeps peace between his friends.

Shan-Yu and his falcon

The leader of the Huns, Shan-Yu is brutal and calculating. His falcon acts as a scout for his troops. Shan-Yu wishes to defeat the Emperor and conquer China.

Chi Fu

An obnoxious aide to the Emperor, Chi Fu has a number of duties, include sending out draft notices and writing down everything the troops do wrong during training.

The Emperor

Beloved and revered by his people, the Emperor is concerned by the threat of attack from Shan-Yu and the Huns. He orders a draft of one man from each family to defend his country from the invaders.

General Li

General Li is the commander of the Emperor’s troops. Proud and confident, he and his troops go to defend a village from Shan-Yu’s Huns while leaving his son Shang in charge of training the new recruits.

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