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Here are some books about Mulan. This list includes Disney and non-Disney items.

Books About or Inspired by the Original Mulan

(Alphabetically by title)

The Ballad of Mulan
Retold & illustrated by Song Nan Zhang
Published 1998 by Pan Asian Publications (ISBN 1-57227-054-3 for the English version)

This book contains the original poem in Chinese (the traditional characters are incorporated into the artwork; the poem in simplified characters appears at the end of the book) as well as text by Zhang. The last page also provides some historical information about Mulan. This book is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Hmong.

China’s Bravest Girl: The Legend of Hua Mu Lan.
Written by Charlie Chin, illustrated by Tomie Arai
Published 1993 by Children’s Book Press (ISBN 0-89239-120-0)

The book contains an original poem based on the legend by Charlie Chin, along with a Chinese translation by Wang Xing Chu.

Fa Mulan: The Story of a Woman Warrior
Written by Robert San Souci, illustrated by Jean Tseng and Mou-Sien Tseng
Published 1998 by Hyperion (ISBN 0-78680-346-0)

A retelling of the original Chinese poem. Robert San Souci was the author who suggested that Disney make a movie based on the ballad. (He’s mentioned in the movie credits.)

The Legend of Mulan: A Folding Book of the Ancient Poem that Inspired the Disney Animated Film
Published 1998 by Hyperion (ISBN 0-78686-389-7)

This folding book contains a translation of the original ballad illustrated with preproduction and production artwork from the film.

The Legend of Mu Lan: A Heroine of Ancient China
Written and illustrated by Wei Jiang and Cheng An Jiang
Published 1992, 1997 by Victory Press (ISBN 1-87821-700-3 trade; ISBN 1-87821-714-3 paper)

Cheng An Jiang and Wei Jiang are an award-winning father-daughter team of authors and illustrators. They have remade the classic Chinese poem of Mu Lan into an easy-to-read, vibrantly colored picture book. This book is available in Chinese (traditional and simplified), English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

The Song of Mulan
By Jeanne M. Lee
Published 1995 by Front Street (ISBN 1-88691-000-6)

The book contains a new translation of the original Chinese poem alongside the original Chinese.

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
By Maxine Hong Kingston
Originally published 1976 by Knopf
Paperback Rei edition (May 1989) by Vintage Books(ISBN 0-67972-188-6)

In this acclaimed memoir, Kingston recalls the conflicting cultural messages she received as the daughter of Chinese immigrants growing up in 1950s America. Mulan is a powerful symbolic force in her story.

Books About Disney’s Mulan

The Art of Mulan
By Jeff Kurtti
Published 1998 by Hyperion (ISBN 0-78686-388-9)

Like the other “Art of” coffee-table books, this one is beautifully illustrated with preproduction art and stills from the movie. This book has fascinating text, much of which is the artists’ own words on the journey they took in creating Mulan. Highly recommended.

Disney’s Mulan (Junior novel)
Adapted from the movie by Cathy East Dubowski
Published 1998 by Disney Press (ISBN 0-78684-222-9)

This little paperback is probably the closest you can get to the actual screenplay. It is illustrated with stills from the movie. A nice adaptation.

Disney’s Mulan
Adapted by Ann Braybrooks
Published 1998 Running Press Miniature Edition (ISBN 0-76240-303-9)

Ann Braybrooks quotes a number of great lines not in Dubowski’s book (though she also misses some that Dubowski includes) including many of Mushu’s best zingers and Mulan’s hilarious take on “manly urges”. Definitely worth it to the Mulanatic.

Disney’s Mulan Classic Storybook
Adapted from the movie by Lisa Ann Marsoli
Published 1998 by Disney Press (ISBN 1-57082-864-4)

Like the other big hardback storybooks, this one is well-illustrated and does a good job retelling the tale.

Disney’s Mulan
Adapted by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
Published 1998 by Disney Press (ISBN 0-7868-3172-3)

This hardback storybook is beautifully illustrated with watercolor paintings based on stills from the film.

Disney’s Mulan Special Collector’s Edition
By Russell Schroeder, story adaption by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld
Published 1998 by Disney Press (ISBN 0-78683-173-1)

In addition to the movie story, this book has a lot of great behind-the-scenes information. This hardback includes a translation of the poem, photos from the Disney research trip to China, and pre-production and production art.

How to Draw Mulan
By Walter Foster
Published 1998 by Walter Foster Publishing Co. (ISBN 1-56010-395-7)

Want to draw Mulan, Mushu, Cri-Kee, Shang, and other characters? This paperback shows you how, based on the animators’ notes.

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