Malayan Tiger Facts

Average size of malayan tiger
Males can reach a length of 9 feet female malayan Tigers like other female tiger subspecies, are smaller then their male counterparts.

Average Weight of malayan tiger
Males can obtain a weight of 400 pounds. Females weigh approximately 250 pounds.

Average age (life span) of malayan tiger
8 – 10 Yrs (wild)
Up to 26 Yrs (in captivity)

Diet of malayan tiger
Malayan tigers prey on sambar deer, barking deer, wild boar and livestock. Tigers in Taman Negara also prey on sun bear. Whether their principal prey includes gaur and tapir is unknown.

malayan tiger habitat
inhabits the remote forests hills and mountainous terrain of the region. Much of this terrain lies between the borders of multiple countries with extremely limited access.

Natural predators (enemies) of malayan tigers
other tigers, people

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  1. What they do to tigers is very horrable infact i would do the same things they to tigers to the people that kill the tigers its gross and undignifing that humans would treat a animal with so much intillect.

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