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The Time Master Trilogy

The Initiate

Down all the ages the twin powers of Order and Chaos have been lock in an eternal struggle for control of the worlds of men.

Somewhere beyond the realms we know, in a time when Order has triumphed, a child is born; a nameless outcast destined to restore the terrible balance. This is the tale of his initiation….

The Outcast
The Outcast waits in a Castle outside of Time, his soul imprisoned in an ancient jewel. Spawn of Darkenss, Adept of Chaos, he dreams of vengeance on the Lords of Light.

Cast on his shores by sorcerous winds, a woman comes who will set him free to defy his terrible destiny. This is the tale of his deliverance….

The Master
Chaos stalks the Realm of Order; the fate of a world hangs on one woman’s life. In Conclave grave the Lords of Light will summon their God to battle.

Adept of Chaos, sworn to the Law, the Master rides to confront his terrible destiny. The is the tale of his decision….

The Chaos Gate Trilogy

The Deceiver
With his dying breath, Keridil Toln, High Initiate of the mystic brotherhood know as the Circle, warned his colleagues of a danger beyond their imagining. For a servant of Chaos had engendered a child—a human girl whom he trained in the arts of darkness to strike at the heart of the Circle and spread his evil upon the earth. Only Karuth, adept and sister of Tirand, the headstrong youth who has become the new High Initiate, realizes the nature of the danger. But her warnings may come too late. For the demon has stolen the soul-stone of one of the seven Lords of Chaos, leaving him a mindless shell. Now there is nothing that can stand in the way of the demon’s reign of terror.

The Pretender
Ygorla, demon offspring of Chaos, has at last come of age: Her awesome sorcery has murdered the ruling High Margrave, ravaged his hapless court, and chained in slavery the footloose troubadour Strann. With the soul-stone now in her possession, and protected by her ravenous army of ghoulish warriors, Ygorla plans to use her appalling powers for world domination. Only the mystical brotherhood known as the Circle dares stand in her way—a Circle serving the Lords of Order, ancient enemies of Chaos. As Tirand, the Circle’s High Initiate, plots Ygorla’s defeat, the Chaos Lords forge an alliance with the resourceful Strann—who has come to realize that Ygorla’s destructive fury will be nothing compared to the final, shattering confrontation between the dual might of Chaos and Order.

The Avenger
As troubadour Strann and Karuth the adept wait on the Star Peninsula, Ygorla, demon mistress of an unearthly magic, sweeps toward them at the head of a vast, loathsome army of the dead and the enslaved. Her dream is to conquer the world, to spread torment and despair—but her appalling ambitions extend even further… through the now open Chaos Gate into the realm of the gods themselves. With irresistible sorcery, she herself will become a god—the greatest of all, unchallenged ruler of the universe. But the Lords of Order have ambitions of their own, to defeat Ygorla and humble the rival Lords of Chaos, destroying the Equilibrium that has tamed the power of the deities and brought freedom to humankind. As the titanic struggle builds to a heaven- and earth-shattering climax, Strann and Karuth will have to choose as humanity faces two terrifying options: submission to the crazed Ygorla… or to the gods’ uncaring tyranny.

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