Living room cleaning tips

  • # Bedroom and Living  Room cleaning ideas and tips
  • # Wipe miniblinds with a damp fabric softener sheet to elimate static that collects dust.
  • # Water rings may be removed by rubbing petroleum jelly thoroughly into the spot.
  • # Use a blow dryer on low to clean pleated lamp-shades.
  • # Polish ashtrays with furniture polish before using and they will wipe clean easily.
  • # Pet hair will come off your furniture easily with a roller lint brush.
  • # Next time you clean the blades to your ceiling fan apply a thin coat of floor wax to them. It will keep future dust from clinging to them.
  • # Make your own furniture polish by mixing one teaspoon lemon oil with two cups mineral oil.
  • # Clean cobwebs with an upward motion to lift them off. Downward motions tend to splatter them against the walls.
  • # An easy way to clean the ceiling fan is to cover your hands in a pair of old socks. Dip them in warm sudsy water and run your hand over top and bottom of each blade.
  • # Always start cleaning high and work your way down

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