Laundry Tips

# If today is your washday, lets make that chore fun! This is not an approved method written by any authority. This is my own method, some have tried and found it the lazy woman’s way to beautiful laundry. Gather all the white clothes that you wash in hot water. Put soap and bleach in washer, let run for about two minutes to make sure soap and clothes or well mixed. Now run in and connect to the internet. Turn the machine off and let stand for 10 minutes, any longer and the dirt will start clinging to the fibers again. Just enough time to run in and check your e-mail.*GRIN* Now go back and start the washer again, let it run through entire cycle. This should give you enough time to grab a cup of coffee and surf for a wee bit. See isn’t doing the laundry much more fun.

Laundry Cleaning Tips

  • # Adding a tablespoon of Epsom salt to each gallon of rinse water helps keep colors from fading or running.
  • # Double duty from fabric softener sheets. Use them in the dryer and then throw in the next load of wash in the washing machine.
  • # Have a different colored small basket for each family member. When you fold the clothes just put into their basket so they can put their own laundry away.
  • # If you accidentally shrunk a wool item, wash it in a mixture of hair conditioner and water. Gently reshape and let air dry laying flat.
  • # Improper rinsing is the main cause of gray and yellow clothes. Rinse them a second time adding a cup of vinegar to the water to remove all soap flim.
  • # Keep a plastic mesh pot scrubber near the dryer. One quick swipe with the scrubber and the lint basket is clean.
  • # Keep a small spray bottle filled with vinegar in the laundry room to treat perspiration odors before washing.
  • # Never overload your washer, as clothes cannot swish around properly if there are too many of them in the washer.
  • # Sheet strategies, choose different color sheets for each bed. You will always know which sheets go where.
  • # Train every one in the household to empty all pockets, and turn the garments the way they should be washed. I wash all jeans inside out to prevent fading. I turn all printed t-shirts inside out.
  • # Try cutting down on the amount of soap you are using as this can make your clothes dingy. Use half the amount of soap and feel the water if it feels silky you have enough soap.
  • # Use a laundry marker and place each childs name on the inside pocket. That way you can easily tell who the jeans belong to.

We have that you have found these laundry tips to be useful, any comments and feedback are welcome

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