Kitten Training Tips

– Cats and Kittens have pretty short attention spans, and low boredom
thresholds. Keep lessons short and interesting – and always try to end on a positive note.

If you are doing free feeding your kitten stop doing this.forcing a feeding schedule has two main benefits: it increases the
reward value of food treats as training devices, and at the same time also introduces some balance of routine into your kittens ’s life (which is actually preferred by kittens.)

– Take small steps. When training your kittens, it’s best to build up a solid foundation of the basics before attempting to expand his

– Train smart. If you’re using food treats (which is highly
recommended to achieve the desired results) then schedule
training sessions for just before mealtimes: your kittens natural love for food at his regular time of meal will increase his focus and
increase his desire to listen to you (so he can get a food treat.)

Remember to be patient. Your every kitten is an individual, with his own
abilities and preferences. He will learn up some tricks quickly, but
may struggle with others. Make allowances for the kittens personality,
and don’t get angry over the kitten , this is not going to help you or the kitten at all

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