Kangaroo facts

Average Height of Kangaroo

The red kangaroo is 165 cm in height (65 inches)

Average Weight of Kangaroo

The average weight of a male Red Kangaroo is 65 Kg

Female Red Kangaroo is usually between 25 and 31 kilograms,

Average age (life span) of Kangaroo

12-15 years in Wild and upto 20 years in captivity

Diet of Kangaroo

Kangaroos are herbivore animals. So they eat mainly grass and fruits and feed at night

Kangaroos don’t drink much water and have ability to sustain months without water

Kangaroo Habitat

Kangaroos are found only in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea

Natural predators (enemies) of Kangaroo

Apart from Humans the Australian Dingo is main predator of Kangaroos,  The now extinct Thylacine (The Australian Wolf) also used to hunt Kangaroos. Other extinct predators of Kangaroos include egalania, marsupial lion and wonambi.

How High can the Kangaroo Hop or Jump

The largest species of Kangaroo i.e. Red Kangaroo is known to be able to jump up to 12 meters

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