History & Invention of COMIC BOOKS

The comic strip is usually found in daily newspapers. It is made up of three or four picture panels telling a story with one or more characters. Comic books are extensions of comic strips into magazines. Each magazine is about one set of characters and the pictures tell a complete story. While the first newspaper comic strip appeared in 1892, it was not until 1911 that an entfre publication was devoted to comics?a comic book. That year the Chicago American offered reprints of Bud Fisher?s ?Mutt and Jeff? in pamphlet form. Some present-day comics originate with strip cartoons in newspapers. If these cartoons become very popular then collections of them are published. But more often, now, comic books are published at regular intervals, usually weekly or monthly. Comic books are not all humorous stories. The types of comic books issued include: adventure, animal, biography, detective, fantasy-mystery, history, humor, military, religion, romance, satire, science-fiction, teen-age, and western. Some types, such as adventure and humor, sell better, so there are more of them. The popularity of comic books, however, has led all kinds of groups to use comic books to tell a story. Many companies use comic books to tell the story behind a product or the history of their company. Comic books are also published to explain complicated subjects, to dramatize public needs, or to give the history of a particular event. So ?comic books? can be as varied as the subject matter and the purpose behind them.

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