Grocery Shopping Tips

  • # Arrange coupons by aisles in the supermarket and save time.

    # Clip shopping list to the cart with a clothes pin, so you can find it easily.

    # Don’t buy items just because they are on sale, you may never use them.

    # Instead of using a calculator, just round off each item to the nearest dollar. Put a mark on your grocery list for each dollar. You will come with in a dollar or two of your total bill.

    # List the items you need in the order you will find them in the store. Saves a lot of foot steps.

    # Never go to the store when your hungry.

    # Shop alone if possible.

    # Try to plan meals for the entire week and shop only once.

    # When unpacking groceries, put all refrigerated item together next to the fridge. Saves steps and you only have to open the fridge once.

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