Going Back to School Tips

With the start of the new school year there are new routines, schedules and priorities. These simple ideas will help you and your family gear up for a great new school year.

1) Establish a family reading time. 15 minutes of reading does make a difference in your child’s life. Children enjoy this special time. “Share a book with a child and share a moment of love.”

2) Scale back TV time.

3) Make a plan for after-school activities. Schedule adequate time for homework, play, clubs, and family time.

4) Keep a large calendar. Mark each family member’s activities in a different colored pen.

5) Collect important phone numbers. Update doctor, work and other listings for the school office, after-school care and one or two neighbors.

6) Have a backup plan. Find another parent who will exchange school pickup favors-in case you get sick or delayed by work or traffic.

7) Set up a file for school papers. Place all school newsletters, notes and papers in this file so you’ll have them to refer back to for information.

8) Spruce up a study space for your child. Include pencils, crayons, a dictionary and other supplies.

9) Reestablish bed times for school nights.

10) Get children into the habit of getting ready the night before school. Set out clothes, pack lunch or lunch ticket, and put the backpack by the front door so you’ll be ready for the next day.

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