Giraffe Facts

Average size of giraffe
3.8 – 4.7 m (9.75 – 15 ft)

Average Weight of giraffe
0.6 – 1.9 tonnes (0.5 – 2 tons)

Average age (life span) of giraffe
25 Yrs (Wild)
28 Yrs (In Captivity)

Diet of giraffe
Giraffes feed mostly from acacia and myrrh trees. As they are quite tall so they are easily able to eat and leaves and branches from the top of the trees

Giraffe habitat
Giraffes are found in only Africa but are becoming increasingly rare in the west. They live on open grasslands that are scattered with trees.

Natural predators (enemies) of giraffe
Adult Giraffes are too large to be attacked by most predators but the main predators of young Giraffes are lions, leopards, african wild dogs and hyenas. when defending itself, the giraffe kicks with its big hooves

Female Giraffe gives birth baby after 15 months and the baby is 6 feet tall even at the time of birth

Giraffes sleep for only 20-30 minutes every day, they do not sleep while standing up

Giraffes have only 7 neck vertebrae, the same number as a human.

Giraffes wrestle with their neck to show dominance over others.

Giraffes communicate at an infra sound level, i.e. sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz and beyond the range of human hearing.

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