Exercise while pregnant

Travel in pregnancy depends on the girl and what she’s used to and how strong she is, how healthy she is and how much she had been travelling with the baby in her own body and used to all that jolting and bumping along.

Some women are used to a lot of physical exercise all the way through their pregnancy, and keep in excellent shape doing lots of walking, dancing, constant action, constant activity, and that’s the best thing in the world for a pregnant woman–lots of exercise, hard work, lots of activity, lots of walking, dancing, whatever she feels like doing. But you can’t expect to claim God’s promises while you’re DISOBEYING His Word by abusing your body with OVERwork, exhausting exertion, heavy strains etc., like standing on your feet all day long shopping or lifting heavy loads etc. That’s just plain idiotic!

A pregnant woman should get exercise just like she would when she’s not pregnant, and don’t overdo. As long as you’re used to it, it comes easy to you and you’re not overdoing, but you’re doing a normal amount of mild exercise, then the more you do the better, because it strengthens your body and your muscles and tissues and the baby too. I think it’s very good. That mild exercise and activity, even a little strenuous exercise like climbing hills and a brisk walk, that’s all very good for you.

A pregnant woman should be able to do anything that a normal woman could do in normal health. But if she’s pampering herself and babying herself and she’s not been used to being in good health and exercising and keeping strong physically, she’s going to be bad off in pregnancy too. She’d be bad off if she wasn’t pregnant, so it doesn’t really make much difference except that it’s going to affect the baby, and she may even lose it if she’s not strong and well.

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