Drakensberg Mountains South Africa

The Drakensberg, a mountain range paralleling the south-eastern coast of Africa. Located mostly in South Africa, it extends for about 1,125 km from Mpumalanga to Eastern Cape Province and forms the eastern boundary of Lesotho, in part of the Free State. It is the highest portion of the eastern escarpment of the South African plateau.
Among its peaks are the Twelve Apostles, the Policeman’s Helmet, Cathedral Peak and many more.

Black Mountain (3,482 m above sea level, the also containing the highest pub in Africa) and Mont-aux-Sources (3,299m above sea level and a National Park) are two of the highest and most spectacular peaks in southern Africa. They are popular destinations for both tourists that just wish to savour the breathtaking scenery and hikers that enjoy the challenge of conquering trails at high altitudes.
The climate of the Drakensberg has many surprises and experiencing four seasons in one day is not uncommon. These vary from raging thunderstorms of hail, to a beautiful sun that peers over the mountain range. The Drakensberg has many secrets also including the San cave dwellings. It was nominated a World Heritage Site in 2000. The range is crossed by a rail at two points; Van Reenen Pass (1,646 m) and Laing’s Nek. (1,250 m)
For the tourists there are a number of hotels or self-catering chalets, including the Sani Pass Chalet, which is 2874m above sea level. To reach this chalet you need a 4×4 vehicle but there are also quad bikes that take tourists up the pass. Passports are required. The Drakensberg is definitely the most beautiful mountain range in the world.

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