Dolphin Facts

Average Height/size of dolphin
It depends on the type of dolphin, but typically anywhere from 5-18 feet.

Average Weight of dolphin
They vary in size from 1.2 metres (4 ft) and 40 kilograms (88 lb) (Maui’s Dolphin), up to 9.5 m (30 ft) and ten tonnes (the Orca or Killer Whale).

Average age (life span) of dolphin
Dolphins typically live from about 17 to about 25 years, with no significant difference between dolphins in captivity and those in the wild.

Diet of dolphin
They eat a wide variety of fishes, squids, and crustaceans depending on their location. They eat approximately 4% to 5% of their body weight in food per day, meaning they spend a great deal of time searching for food and feeding.

Dolphin Habitat
Dolphins always live in WARM environment so that their skin doesn’t get cold. They always live in water of course.

Dolphin’s live in the ocean and some certain rivers.

The southern and northern oceans and different species live in rivers or zoos

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