Cooking Ostrich Meat

Tips For Cooking With Ostrich
Proper cooking of Ostrich meat will present you with a delicious, tender meat. It has some similar characteristics to extra lean beef but there are also some differences.

Since Ostrich is low in fat, it does not need to be cooked as long or with as high of a temperature as most other meats. Do not rush to cooking process. For best taste, the meat should not be cooked to more that a medium doneness.. Moist heat methods of cooking are suggested for those that prefer meat well done.

Use an oven turned down to 275 degrees for preparing a roast. Plan for the roast to be done in the same amount or less time as a beef roast of the same size cooked at normal temperatures. Shrinkage should be minimal with ostrich meat due to the low fat content and slow cooking.

Less tender cuts of ostrich respond well to a very low moist heat. Add a few vegetables and you will have a delicious meal.

Caution should be used when cooking with a micro-wave oven. Use a low setting and less time because a minute can ruin a good piece of meat. It will be necessary for some experimentation to get good results.

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Cooking Methods
Steaks Broil, Grill or Fry
roast Moist Heat or Smoked
Fajita Meat Sauté or Fry
Ground Meat Cooked till no longer pink

Internal Temperatures
Medium-rare 145 degrees
Medium 160
Well Done 170
Ground Meat 160

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