Robben Island

Robben Island is situated about 12 km into the sea in the middle of Table Bay. Separated from the Cape mainland by a narrow channel of seawater, the island is an isolated place, considered inaccessible for centuries. The island has been a prison ever since the Dutch settled at the cape in the


On South Africa’s East Coast you will find Kenton-On-Sea nestling between the Kariega and Bushman’s Rivers. The average temperature for summer is 25 degrees Celsius and winter 17 degrees Celsius. The summers are dry and warm and the winters mild. Sea temperatures vary between 16 degrees in

Uzbek Weddings

Uzbek Wedding traditions Uzbek parents usually save money almost all their life. To “give” daughter to another family, parents gather a lot of things like “40 kurpas, 30 tushaks (special things to sit on and sleep), and 25 pillows “. Kurpa and tushak are special covers,