Railroading Cross Stitch

Railroading is not usually mentioned in home decor books. However, knowing what it is and how to use it effectively can save you both time and money. Railroading is an optional cutting layout. Basically, the lengthwise fabric grain (threads that are parallel to the selvage) will run horizontally

Tips for Senior Citizens Dating

If you are finding it difficult to enter the dating scene after a long time, or you find yourself single after a long life of marriage, you may want to see what tips for senior citizens dating you can find. Dating can be very stressful, from trying to look your best and wanting to impress your

Laundry Tips

# If today is your washday, lets make that chore fun! This is not an approved method written by any authority. This is my own method, some have tried and found it the lazy woman’s way to beautiful laundry. Gather all the white clothes that you wash in hot water. Put soap and bleach in