Living room cleaning tips

# Bedroom and Living  Room cleaning ideas and tips # Wipe miniblinds with a damp fabric softener sheet to elimate static that collects dust. # Water rings may be removed by rubbing petroleum jelly thoroughly into the spot. # Use a blow dryer on low to clean pleated lamp-shades. # Polish

Kitten Training Tips

– Cats and Kittens have pretty short attention spans, and low boredom thresholds. Keep lessons short and interesting – and always try to end on a positive note. If you are doing free feeding your kitten stop doing this.forcing a feeding schedule has two main benefits: it increases

Fuel Efficiency Tips

Simple tips for fuel efficiency that will lower your fuel costs and will also help to make the planet green Avoid Excessive Idling The more you spend time on car idling, the more fuel you waste. Larger cars typically expend more gas at idle than do cars with smaller engines. By reducing car

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

# Easy Bathrooms Cleaning Tips: # Drop a denture cleaning tablet into toilet for a fast cleanup. # Hair spray buildup can be removed from a mirror by wiping the mirror with a crumpled up newspaper. # Keep tile and fiberglass shower walls clean. After washing well apply a thin coat of car wax

Grocery Shopping Tips

# Arrange coupons by aisles in the supermarket and save time. # Clip shopping list to the cart with a clothes pin, so you can find it easily. # Don’t buy items just because they are on sale, you may never use them. # Instead of using a calculator, just round off each item to the nearest

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

A cup of vinegar in your mop water will give your floor a shine. Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to dishwater to cut grease and leave your glasses sparkling. Burnt pans are a breeze to clean. Coat the bottom of pan with baking soda and add enough water to cover. Let stand for 3 hours, then