Strawberry Shortcake

It is strawberry season here in Pennsylvania. Not those huge, more pink then red, flavorless things that you get at the grocery store. I am talking little, beet red-colored berries that make you remember what strawberries actually taste like. As the little lady and I were picking up some lunch on

Easy waffle recipe

Have you ever vomited all through the night by the light of the silvery moon? While your husband was in Florida (work related, at least)? With two kids waking up for the day one hour after your last vomiting session? And then had the girl develop a 102 degree fever and cough the next day while

What is myrrh?

My twelve year old son and I were discussing the real meaning of Christmas recently, about how it’s Christ’s birthday. He asked me if Jesus was given any gifts and I reminded him of the story of the three wise men giving gold, frankincense and myrrh. He then asked me what myrrh was, and I had

What are grits?

I’ve liked grits for a long time. A couple of days ago, my eleven year old saw them in the cabinet and asked me what they were. I didn’t know the exact answer, so here we are. Want the short answer? Grits are pieces of corn grain. Need to know more? Read on. The first step in manufacturing

Snow day Cooking recipe

So we have a snow day here today, although it is only ice and freezing rain which keeps us inside all day and unable to go anywhere. What is one to do with a four year old that doesn’t involve staring at the television? Cleaning? No fun. Organizing? No way. Taxes? Too risky. Playing Polly