Easter in Italy

The day after Carnival is called “Ash Wednesday” (mercoledì delle Ceneri). Ash Wednesday is a day of penitence. Christians use ash as a symbol of being sorry for things they’ve been wrong. In this day we use to go to the church and the priest puts on our forehead the sign of cross. He

Who is Mulan?

Mulan is the heroine of a famous Chinese poem written during the Northern Dynasties (AD 420-589). In the story, Mulan disguises herself as a man to serve in the army in her father’s place. While serving, she is recognized as a courageous soldier and offered a government post. She turns down

The Paparudas

This is an augural agrarian custom. It has multiple motivations, mainly concerned with drought and its consequences. A little girl clad with a dress made of leaves or shoots of willow goes dancing and singing a rain-invocation through the village lanes, together with other boys and girls until an

Navruz in Uzbekistan

It’s celebrated on the 21st of March. In cities, towns and villages people celebrate this holiday, the eastern New Year, which is a holiday that celebrates the awakening of nature, and promotes friendship, fraternity and cultural and historical traditions. March is the spring equinox, meaning

Sorcova – Romania

Another custom practiced by children individually on New Year’s Day is the “sorcova”. This is a small branch or stick adorned with differently coloured artificial flowers, called sorcova with which they touch rhythmically and lightly their elders, while congratulating them on

Hayit Uzbekistan

Hayit is an ancient religious holiday from Uzbekistan There are two types of this holiday: the one is Kurban hayit,and the other is Ruza hayit. Kurban hayit is celebrated from the beginning till 7 days. From that day begins the visit to Khadj. Ramadan hayit is celebrated when Ramadan ends. On