Bengal Tiger Facts

Average size of Bengal tiger
The male Bengal tiger have a total length from 270-310 cm, however the head and body length range from 180-204 cm, sometimes up to 221 cm. The size of the tail is normally about the 30-33% of the total length, but can measure from 81 to 113 cm in extreme cases. The total length of the females is 240-265 cm, and the tail represent about the 33% of the total length.

Average Weight of bengal tiger
The males can weight from 158-270 kg and the females from 100-177 kg. The largest specimens are from Nepal and the north of India, while the smallest are from the Sundarbans.

Average age (life span) of bengal tiger
They can live twenty or more years,

Diet of bengal tiger
They are carnivores, they eat meat.

Bengal tiger habitat
A bengal tigers habitat consists of partly dense Indian-ish rainforests, however they do enjoy open plains and sparse bushland.

Natural predators (enemies) of Bengal tigers
Adult tigers have no predators, except man. However, it is now illegal to hunt this endangered species on a worldwide basis.

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