Belly Button Types

Different Bellybutton Types

In my experience, over 6 years of trawling the web for outie bellybutton pictures, many people still have difficulty in defining what an outie actually is. Some people categorise them in different ways and there are some sites I’ve seen where the slightest little protruberance of a fold inside and innie bellybutton is classed as an outie. I guess that’s just wishful thinking as these folds, no matter how you wish to dress them up, are innies. Sorry, but they are.

On the opposite side of the scale, some people call what I would consider an outie an innie witha bit inside it. Just because the outie bit is actually sitting inside the bellybutton, I still consider this an outie because it’s not a ‘lint catcher’ and it certainly isn’t an empty hole as a usual innie is. Let’s face it, there are hundreds of different types of bellybutton and they are like fingerprints, no two are the same. Yes, they are similar, but if you have the inclination to look closely, they are all different. Of course innies, to me, are all the same and don’t do a lot for me. The dark hole where you can lose your finger, or pull out some trapped sweat that stinks… not my cup of tea.

Here I shall give you my take on the definition and categorisation of different bellybutton types.


This bellybutton is in all the way, the kind where you’ll lose your finger into a bottomless pit of nothing and is in danger of becoming an outie on the ownners back it’s so innie.

Open innie

All the way open where you can see the bottom of the bellybutton.

Closed innie

You can’t see the bottom for the folds and whatever else may be lurking at the door.

T Shaped Innie

Looks like a T and is in effect an innie although the sides do protrude very slightly making the shape of a slit with the hood at the top making the overall shape a ‘T’.

Coffee Bean

Just what it says, it looks like a coffee bean inside the bellybutton. The sides have a degree of outieness to them and fill each side making a vertical line hence looking like a coffee bean.

Shallow Innie

As it states, this innie is shallow and has no protrusions, if it does, then it’s not an innie, as innies go in and outies go out. The shallow innie is normally an open innie but with shallower sides of course.


This is a bellybutton, usually an innie or a recessed outie that can be pulled out and stays as an outie. Some people can achieve this without the aid of a rubber band, tie wrap or twistix. Others use these items to tie up their bellybutton to hold it in the outie position. Some people say that they are not able to pull out, of turn their innie inside out. Persoanlly, I think that this is possible with most bellybuttons and at times can be uncomfortable, but is a painless task. For more information on how to do this, click here.


This is so shallow that it just looks like a flat button on the belly, almost like having no bellybutton at all.


Not an innie, not an outie. When people say they have a half innie and a half outie, this is when I’m talking about an inbetweenie.

Swirley/Snaily/Spiral Outie

The umbilical cord swirls around in a spiral type shape and some bellybuttons do exactly the same. These are, in my opinion the nicest outies of all. This is the first type I ever saw and what I have wanted for years. They look like a snail on top of the belly or slightly recessed into the bellybutton hole, either way, I class them as an outie.

Recessed Outie

This is the type of outie bellybutton that resides inside an innie but is actually a protruberant mass which is recessed and is either flush with the belly and doesn’t exactly stick out, but nevertheless is an outie.

Ball Outie

This is the outie of all outies. The one that sticks out and extends outwards of the belly with no innieness at all. The ball outie is like a ball or knot of skin that sits on top of the belly.

5 Replies to “Belly Button Types”

  1. Great article. I have a spiral outie belly button that forms an @ shape on my tummy. It slightly sticks out so you can see my belly button when I’m standing side on. A doctor told me that it was caused due to my umbilical cord failing to heal properly when I was a baby, so in effect it is the umbilical remnant in scar tissue. I have only ever seen 1 or 2 other adults with a belly button like mine. Anyone else out there with a spiral outie like me? If so, do you ever find the skin fold gets sweaty and traps fluff from your clothes?

  2. hi, i have an outie navel similar to yours, it pokes through thin clothing and in the summer leaves a sweaty mark on my t-shirts etc, this can be embarrassing. i do love my belly button.

  3. Thanks for pinching my article! i actually wrote this about 3-4 years ago and was on a site called and them which i owned.

    At least someone is using it to it’s full potential and people are still trying to promote the fact that outie bellybuttons are really fantastic and not gross.

  4. many people comment on my navel because it changes shape. normally it looks kind of just like an inbetweenie, going in but having a smallish cylinder shaped nub in the middle that doesn’t stick out past my stomach. the rim surrounding it is slightly raised and if i pinch the rim and slide it between my fingers it seems like it just goes deeper forever. Technically, it does; the rim sloped down inwards making the sides of the innie and continues until it dosappears into a crevice closed by my nub touching the walls. the crevice and nub makes a dark circle all around the nub as if the nub were a boulder sealing a cave. If my navel was normal i would love to play with it and will on it all day, but i cant because its too sensitive. its actually an umbilical hernia. 19 years old and still it remains unchanged since i was little, and i am very lucky since doctors tell me that the hernia is very minor and i just happen to have an abnormally long navel stalk. the cylindrical shape of my nub is my navel being an outie but developing not as the usual ball knot but instead in a thinner, elongated sort of way. Idk how this happened but my mother proposed it may have shaped that way because of how unusually fat i was as a baby hahah. she said i wasnt a cute baby when theyd lay me on my back since i just blobbed fat everywhere and up stuck this large knot of a navel, so she and my dad would always prop me up in a sitting position that looked better. she believes that the surrounding belly fat compressed my outie so squeezed thin ahah. anyways, so add a thin outie and a hernia and you get my weird belly button. since im not longer fat, my navel is open, and the hte nub looks weird unless its resting normally. ok so when i do strenuous stomach workouts, backbends, sneeze or cough or whatever, the nub kinda slides out a but. its usually bit by bit and so often i dont notice its changed. it kinda looks like imagining a finger slowly coming of a hole hahah obviously not nearly that extreme but u get the picture. the furtherst it can maybe come out before im forsure gonna feel/know its poppin out is like 1 inch tops. the walls that go behind the nub go back deeper n fold or something because, as the knob extends, the skin on the sides flips to skin on the knob as my navel inverts. pulling directly on the knob from normal state feels weird and doesnt work too well cuz like i guess the hernia comes out by being pushed out internally so pullin its mostly just pulls up skin. its tough for the hernia to invert my navel completely (like where no rim or innie is left cuz the outie is sticking so out all the umbilical skin is used) because close to and at that point is where it feels uncomfortable now and my stomachs much stronger than when i was little so its harder to force out that far plus i dont let it get close. when i was little it didnt rly feel weird even when out completely but now it does and its only happened like once since. that one time was cuz friends were messing with me. a while ago it happened, like 3 friends pinned me down and tickled me to make it poke out a bit to show someone else or something. im rly ticklish and all that laughing make it grow a bit like they wanted but then someone started ticking the knob and its very sensitive and they made it stick out rly far. they didnt let up tickling me and it until it like swelled so much and shot completely out. it hurt me but they didnt get off and just laughed and laughed more cuz itd stick up when theyd scratch it. it hurt so i hope its never tortured like taht again, it maxed out at like 2 inches! so yeah wow this story got long. anyways hope that covers it!

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