Bandicoot Facts

The bandicoot is a very common in the Australian towns. Often of a morning, townsfolk find evidence of their nocturnal visitor, in the way of small holes having been dug in thier lawns. The bandicoot lives on small insects and the tender roots of grasses hence they dig for their supper in lawns,

Also under the forest floor and rotting logs. Burrowing with their front legs, and inserting their long snout into the hole to reach the food.
Bandicoots are solitary in habit, and defend their territory from all other bandicoots, except during mating season.
The female usually rears two young, which stay in the pouch for a short period of 8 to 10 weeks, after which the young become independant, and reach sexual maturity at 5 months. There are around 11 main types of bandicoots, the long nosed bandicoot being one of the most prevalent.

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