Australian Rainbow Lorikeet facts

This colourful bird can be seen almost anywhere in Australia, in and out of town, they have adapted to living quite happily in cities and towns.

With the popularity of home owners growing native plants, these gayly coloured charmers readily take the nectar daily and congregate in small but noisy flocks. They tend to roost in large groups and can be seenjust on dusk arriving by the hundreds at their favourite roosting place, usually in tall eucalypts.

The noise can be quite deafening until they all settle for the night. Lorikeets eat nectar and also seeds, they are very fond of wild bird seed that residents leave out to encourage them in. Their behaviour is quite comical at times, especially at mating time,when the male birds try to impress the females, with a clown like bobbing, bowing and a prance that defies description.
Like most of our parrots, they build their nest in hollows of trees, they have an unlined nest, and lay 2 or 3 eggs.

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