Acne Proactive treatment

The acne Proactive treatment has become one of the most popular acne treatment systems in the United States.

Many have turned been thrilled with the results of this skin care system and eager to show off the results. People who have suffered for years with acne found relief after turning to Proactive.
The acne Proactive system was developed by two dermatologists. They determined that while most people treated their blemishes after they were already visible, it was a better idea to prevent them from happening in the first place. To that end, they came up with a system that not only cures existing blemishes but also keeps new ones from developing.

How does acne occur? Everyone’s skin is covered with pores. The skin regularly sheds dead skin cells, while skin glands produce oil to keep skin moist. However, the oil can become trapped in the pore and mix with dead skin cells. When this happens, bacteria can grow in the pore leading to inflammation and infection. The result is acne. The acne Proactive treatment seeks to stop the forces that lead to acne before the blemishes can form.

The acne Proactive treatment contains three products: a renewing cleanser, a revitalizing toner and a repairing lotion. The renewing cleanser contains tiny grains that exfoliate the skin, cleaning away dead skin cells. It also contains benzoyl peroxide, which kills acne causing bacteria on the skin. The revitalizing toner helps to get rid of dead skin cells and clear pores of clogs. It is free of alcohol, which can over-dry the skin. The repairing lotion also contains benzoyl peroxide, for killing bacteria in the pores. The repairing lotion is oil free.

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